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Lush Texture, Rich Color, Delicate Appeal

From gorgeous, showy blooms to flowing grasses and intricate seed pods,

We grow it all!

To create the most texture rich, romantic floral designs, we grow everything possible in our Montana climate.  We are thrilled to offer more floral varieties every year, as we strive to provide our customers with the most distinctive, eye-catching designs.  

We offer a wide array of colors throughout the growing season, to help capture a look and feel that is completely your own.  Every arrangement is unique and designed to compliment the couple it was created for.

Ready to explore our                                     Floral options?


Agile Goat flower farm & design studio offers nature inspired floral products using the most lush, seasonally available blooms.  Based just outside Missoula, Montana and available by appointment only, we are your local flower farm and wedding florist.

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