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More than beautiful... flowers you can feel good about

With every flower grown, we adhere to environmentally friendly growing practices and maintain our farm to provide year-round wildlife habitat.

Located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley just south of Missoula, Montana, our flower farm and floral design studio is housed on five bountiful acres.  We share this amazing space with a menagerie of wild and domestic animals, which includes our namesake the agile and anything but boring goat. With a diverse array of flowering plants, shrubs and evergreen foliage, we are able to provide food along with cover and young rearing habitat for a diversity of wildlife.  By doing so, our farm is certified through the National Wildlife Federation as Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Despite having a limited growing season, we are able to offer our customers a multitude of floral varieties including favorites such as tulips, peonies, roses, snapdragons, zinnias, sweet peas, ranunculus, anemones, and dahlias all without the use of harmful chemicals.  We specialize in uncommon, heirloom and romantic floral varieties and colors that are typically unavailable in traditional floral markets. Thus, we offer one-of-a-kind flowers that are teeming with life both in and out of the field.  

Meet the Faces Behind the Blooms

Kristen, Jason & sawyer tack

Born from a love of nature, creativity and beauty, and a desire to raise a family immersed in our values, Agile Goat is a dream come to life.  After finishing our graduate educations, in 2015, my husband and I were able to purchase a small farm in Western Montana.  We were ready to establish roots in a place we could both call home.  We found the ideal property just south of Missoula, Montana.  Complete with wildlife, a lush orchard, mature trees and perennial shrubs, all we had to do was add our flower beds, and we were up and running. 

Wildlife biologists by trade and farmers by passion, Jason and I are the heart of Agile Goat.  While Jason continues to work full-time as a biologist, he spends his free time either with our amazing son, recreating in the mountains or helping with farm activities.  I am fortunate to be able to focus full-time on our flower farm and design studio while raising our son.    


Interested in Purchasing Flowers?                                     today!


Agile Goat flower farm & design studio offers nature inspired floral products using the most lush, seasonally available blooms.  Based just outside Missoula, Montana and available by appointment only, we are your local flower farm and wedding florist.

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